The Amputee Coalition of America

Pressman Consulting worked with ACA to design and implement a program – at both the state and federal levels – to improve prosthetic access for all amputees in the United States. 

ACA has successfully helped to educate people about the needs of people with limb loss and served as a recognized resource for patient information and support. But, Americans living with the absence or loss of a limb were facing new obstacles for appropriate prosthetic care. Some insurance companies had begun to place annual or lifetime caps on prosthetic devices; others eliminate coverage for them altogether. 

Pressman Consulting worked with ACA to define the campaign goals and develop a detailed campaign plan including targeted state analysis, a campaign tool kit, budget, and fundraising plans. Pressman Consulting identified, screened, and helped ACA hire a staffing team to implement the program and stayed on board to oversee implementation of the campaign. More than a dozen states went on to pass parity legislation and Federal legislation was introduced in both the House and Senate.