Connecting the science of data with real world campaign strategies.

Robin Pressman Consulting brings together a keen understanding of polling and microtargeting with expertise in advocacy and campaigns. At this intersection of analysis and action, we can develop and execute the strategies your organization or campaign needs to win. Read More >

Data and analytics can help point the way. But understanding how to integrate that into a scalable program is of vital importance. A program informed by campaign experience ensures the data you are collecting and the models being built are going to be effectively employed. Let’s face it. Today a lot of folks are “crunching the numbers”. But without the experience of how to take that analysis and use it to build an effective political or advocacy campaign, it just doesn’t add up.

Robin Pressman Consulting has years of experience in both data and campaigns. She knows how to run data-driven campaigns that are connected to strategies that work.



With a unique background in campaign management, field and polling, Pressman truly understands how to build data-driven campaigns.

We do not take a “one size fits all” approach. We work with you to make sure a modeling program truly fits your needs.

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Not every project needs to build new models. We can help you navigate the wide range of models available and determine quickly and inexpensively if they are sufficient to meet your program needs. If necessary, we can build you models such as support for specific issues, candidate support models, or identifying individuals willing to take action on an issue. We can also expand upon existing models and fine-tune them to better meet your needs, thus saving you money.

Modeling and analysis is the beginning, not the end. We will work to either build you a campaign program or train your team to use the microtargeting models effectively. And then we stay involved. Whether its on-going strategic guidance or periodic validations, we make sure the data is serving your needs, not the other way around.



Without the right execution, a plan is nothing more than a piece of paper. Pressman Consulting has demonstrated the unique ability to identify the challenge, develop the strategies needed and provide the expertise to execute those strategies to achieve success.

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Whether it’s a large-scale advocacy program to advance legislation or a targeted grassroots program to build your organizations ground capacity, Pressman Consulting knows how to take your program from concept to action on time and on budget. With years of advocacy and electoral campaign experience, Pressman understands how to run scaled programs.

Some recent clients include:

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• Advocates for Youth
• The Amputee Coalition of America +
• The Analyst institute
• California Federation of Labor
• Campaign for Community Change +
• Catalist
• Center for Civic Policy of New Mexico
• Clear the Air
• Conservation Minnesota +
• Copernicus Analytics
• The Democratic National Committee
• Faith in Public Life +
• The Human Rights Campaign
• IModerate
• NARAL Pro-Choice America
• National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
• The National Environmental Trust
• The Natural Resources Defense Council +
• The Partnership Project
• Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa
• Project New America
• Timberlake Camps
• Voter Insider +
• Voter Participation Center
• Wind Energy Foundation +
• The Yuhas Group

Campaign for Community Change/ Immigration Reform Coalition. In the past a vocal anti-immigrant minority drowned out the voices for immigration reform. Campaign for Community Change (CCC) was at the forefront of the movement to change this dynamic by identifying and activating pro-immigration reform advocates.

Pressman, in partnership with Ben Yuhas, were approached to develop microtargeting that would identify individuals who not only support comprehensive immigration reform, but also were willing to take action. Once the models were developed CCC worked with their coalition partners and state groups to set up phone banks to contact these voters. CCC asked Pressman to conduct an assessment of the program and determine ways to make this effort more effective. Ultimately they asked Pressman to stay on and run the on-going phone operation.

For more than a year, calls went daily from constituents to targeted Congressional Representatives and Senators. As legislative priorities changed, the focus moved from Comprehensive Reform to support of the DREAM Act, which passed the House in 2010. Hill staff reported that for the first time pro-immigration calls were running on pace with the vocal anti-immigrant efforts. Importantly, staffers reported that one key difference was pro-immigrant calls were actually coming from constituents within their states and districts and thus carried more weight.

In addition to successfully passing the DREAM Act in the House, CCC and the immigration reform coalition have an extensive data base of those willing to take action and can continue to use these lists to further advance immigration rights.

As Comprehensive Immigration Reform heated back up again, Pressman coordinated a model validation project to ensure CCC advocates were using the strongest models for their renewed outreach efforts. Once again, Pressman helped get the phone centers up and running in advance of the Senate vote.

The Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) retained Robin Pressman Consulting to help them design and implement a program - at both the state and federal levels - to improve prosthetic access for all amputees in the United States.

For two decades, ACA has successfully helped to educate people about the needs of people with limb loss and served as a recognized resource for patient information and support. But, Americans living with the absence or loss of a limb face new discouraging obstacles when trying to obtain appropriate prosthetic care. Some third-party insurance companies have begun to place annual or lifetime caps on prosthetic devices; others eliminate coverage for them altogether.

Pressman Consulting worked with ACA to define the campaign goals and develop a detailed campaign plan including targeted state analysis, budget, and fundraising plans. Pressman Consulting identified, screened, and helped ACA hire a National Advocacy Director to manage the day-to-day aspects of the campaign and a Development Director for the organization's overall fundraising programs.Pressman Consulting then helped to oversee the implementation phase of the campaign. Pressman worked with the National Advocacy Director to create a tool kit for activists in the states to implement campaigns. More than a dozen states have since passed parity legislation and Federal legislation was introduced in both the House and Senate.

Conservation Minnesota. During the economic crisis, MN Voters overwhelming voted for a Constitutional Amendment to increase their taxes to invest in clean water, habitat conservation, parks, trails, and the arts. It was the largest state level conservation initiative in US history and will increase investment in clean water, natural areas, cultural legacy, and parks and trails by about $290 million a year for 25 years.

Pressman, in partnership with Ben Yuhas, developed customized models to identify Amendment supporters as well as likely activists and donors for Conservation Minnesota. Conservation Minnesota used these models to target key swing audiences with direct communication. The campaign also used the models to identify supporters who were more likely to skip the ballot question, a key issue in Minnesota as skipped votes are counted as “no” votes on Constitutional Amendements. Other models predicted which constituents would open email communications, allowing Conservation Minnesota to expand its email at less than half the previous costs

According to Paul Austin Director of Conservation Minnesota, “key targeting of voters and message development was critical to the success of this initiative. The microtargeting developed for the campaign will pay dividends in years to come as constituent groups continue to use the data to build their memberships, target constituents on key legislative issues, and focus legislators on the issues their constituents care about.”

Faith in Public Life is a strategy center for the faith community advancing faith in the public square as a positive and unifying force for justice, compassion and the common good. FPL developed a series of microtargeting models to identify voter’s level of religious engagement and their denomination. Very few groups in the progressive realm have experience contacting and messaging to voters of faith. Pressman consulting has helped groups use the new models in conjunction with other available data to engage voters in advocacy campaigns. From calls to key Senate targets in support of background checks to reduce gun violence to support among Catholics for marriage equality bill moving through the Illinois Legislature, Pressman is helping the progressive community use this powerful new tool.

Voter Insider. The inability to use vote history data and voter modeling information has always been a barrier to conducting political research online. Working with Catalist and IModerate, Pressman led the charge to determine what gaps pollsters and organizations needed to fill and find a means to overcome this hurdle. The result made accurate and comprehensive online political advocacy and issue research a reality.

The new tool, Voter Insider, allows political, advocacy and civic engagement organizations the ability to target respondents in real time based on Catalist's database of voter information. Respondents can be selected to participate in online research based on their vote history and modeling scores and have this vital information available when analyzing results.

Voter Insider was awarded by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) the 2013 Pollie Award for the best use of technology during the 2012 campaign.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) retained Pressman Consulting to design a successful strategy to raise awareness about Global Warming. The New Hampshire primaries provided a unique opportunity to capture the attention of the presidential candidates, as well as local and national press. However, because the project was conceived late in the year and NRDC had no infrastructure in New Hampshire, there was little time to put together a full field operation.

Pressman Consulting worked with NRDC to design and execute a plan that included hiring a New Hampshire-based organizer and partnering with local organizations who had a pre-existing volunteer base. Each of the Democratic Presidential candidate's daily schedules were monitored, and teams were dispatched with visibility materials to events held by the candidates where they were sure to generate press attention. Additionally, volunteers were sent to small events to increase the likelihood that candidates would take questions on the issues of global warming. This plan succeeded in generating significant local coverage and an in-depth piece on CNN's Inside Politics.

Pressman Consulting was also instrumental in helping make the issue more relevant by working with NRDC's media firm to develop radio spots relying on real people whose livelihood is directly impacted by global warming. These people included a fourth-generation dairy farmer, a maple syrup producer and someone with the pulp paper industry. These spots were unique, shed a different light on the issue, and were used to generate additional earned media in the state.

Wind Energy Foundation. Pressman Consulting was retained by the Wind Energy Foundation to spearhead their new renewable energy multi-sector campaign, A Renewable America (ARA). Pressman designed the campaign’s strategies, built the operation and oversaw all aspects of this highly successful campaign.   

Talking about the environment can only go far. Republican and many conservative Democratic lawmakers will not be sold on “going-green”. To fully achieve a clean energy economy, renewable businesses must engage to share the economic and jobs benefits renewables bring to the equation. Business leaders, including small business owners are the most credible messengers to engage these lawmakers and the public to help them understand how growing renewable energy is the path forward.

A Renewable America (ARA) is successfully carving a new path for renewable energy business and their supply chain engagement. ARA is a leader in developing the playbook to recruit, train and activate renewable energy business voices. Starting with a multi-sector approach that is fresh and garners immediate attention from lawmakers, we have effectively built relationships and operations to recruit these businesses and then move them up the ladder of engagement. 

Robin Pressman brings together a keen understanding of polling and microtargeting with expertise in advocacy and campaigns.

Robin A. Pressman Consulting opened in 2003. In 2004, Pressman was named "a rising star" by Campaign and Elections Magazine. She currently provides general consulting, project management, issue advocacy, polling guidance, microtargeting models, training programs and campaign strategies to a wide range of clients.

Prior to opening Pressman Consulting, Robin Pressman served as Senior Associate at the polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, (GQR). At GQR Pressman provided message development, targeting and polling expertise to dozens of campaigns, including Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico and U.S. Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota, who won re-election in one of the closest and most contested races of the 2002 cycle. At GQR, Pressman also advised numerous non-profit clients such as the League of Conservation Voters, Oceana, and the Nevada Tobacco Prevention Coalition. In 2000, Pressman helped guide All Kids First to successfully defeat an onerous school voucher initiative in Michigan.

Pressman has wide-ranging experiences with organizations and issue advocacy. She served as field director for the National Environmental Trust (NET). During her four-year tenure at NET, Pressman designed and managed grassroots and field operations for numerous successful environmental campaigns. She has also worked with issue groups such as Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and NARAL Pro-Choice America where she designed, managed, and conducted grassroots and political independent expenditure campaigns.

Pressman has worked on and managed electoral campaigns in New Jersey, Maryland, and Oregon.


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